June, 2004....J. Dana Hrubes...updated June 30, 2004 , 0515 GMT

In memory of Ronald Reagan, the American flag is flown at half mast atop the geodesic dome, backlit by Aurora Australis

June at the Pole - midwinter solstice

June is the month that the South Pole celebrates the Winter solstice, June 21st, when the sun is the farthest below the horizon, 23.45 degrees. After this day the sun will slowly approach the horizon until sunrise on the Spring Equinox, September 22, 2004 at 2223 UTC (universal time, Greenwich Mean Time). On this day all of the Antarctic Stations celebrate with a nice meal and by trading midwinter greetings via satellite.  Dozens of stations of various nationalities sent us greetings  South Pole midwinter greeting     midwinter dinner       Japan's Syowa Station Greetings      Argentina's Base San Martin Greetings   

The SETI optical telescope and the AASTO service building backlit by aurora

Once again, the auroras were fantastic this month.        SETI telescope aurora and southern cross constellation     red aurora    dome and flag half mast       skylab and large aurora       new station, moon and aurora 1      new station, moon and aurora 2       new station, moon and aurora 3

Speaking of the new station, which is inhabited but under construction...... the new greenhouse is nearing operation.     greenhouse "sun"       greenhouse interior           

We (the winter band) performed again this month for the Midwinter Party. Our name this time was the "Kevin Van Hendrix Band"  since our lead guitarist, Kevin, discovered a sound effects generator for his guitar and now was able to sound like Jimi Hendrix. Once again,  a scaffold was set up for my drum set to raise me up a couple of feet.  We added about 6 more songs for this gig bringing our song list up to about 23. We played for about two hours and there were many people dancing. The highlight for me was when I performed a drum solo during the song "Low Rider" (by War).     the band     bass    lead guitar      drums     drum solo       

Red glow at the VLF beacon building

NEXT MONTH:   the coldest days to come.....

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