October, 2005....J. Dana Hrubes...updated October 31, 2005 , 0900 GMT

The first LC-130 since mid February lands at Pole at -60F on October 21st

October at the Pole - First Aircraft Since February

October is the month when the final push is made to prepare for the arrival of the first aircraft since mid February. For science, final reports are completed for each project, operating manuals are updated and the lab is prepared for turnover to replacement personnel. In addition, station opening tasks such as installing skiway flags, grooming the skiway, opening up summer camp, cleaning and moving out of your berthing and much more are completed. The time passes all too quickly and before you know it, the first LC-130 aircraft arrives and the station changes from winter mode to summer mode.    first plane (photo by chad carpenter)      All of  the winterovers are feeling a bit weary now and are ready for a break off the ice.     end of season look           

Earlier in the month we took out winterover photograph that shows the largest winterover crew ever. I am standing in the front row, forth from the left.   winterover photo       We also had our sunrise dinner a bit late this year on October 1.     sunrise dinner       

Panorama taken from the back side of the dome showing the new station, skylab and the storage berms. (scroll to the right to see entire panorama)

I had Glen take some end of season photos of my science site in October.     I am in the process of disassembling the electronics racks in the cusp and cosray labs in order to move them up to the new station. It will be sad to see skylab go.      the cusp lab (1st floor of skylab)     cusp rack disassembly     cosray lab     coming out of the back door of skylab through the tunnel I built     emerging       skylab      SETI telescope and AASTO building       the SETI optical telescope          AASTO building     inside the AASTO building        the Atmospheric Research Observatory (ARO)        the IR spectrometer inside ARO      the VLF transmitter building         the VLF transmitter      

One of the two bands I was in this winter, "White Noise", had its last concert for the sunrise celebration on September 30.        White Noise       band-1     band-2      band-3       band-4        band-5 
        (photos by Glen Kinoshita)   

I had some photos taken of the many layers of Extreme Cold Weather Gear (ECW) that I put on every day. (photos by Glen Kinoshita) 
thermal insulation       layer 2      layer 3      polar weight carhart coveralls     boot liners     FDX polar boots       FDX boots       VHF radio    
fleece jacket       balaclava        neck gaiter     wool hat    carhart parka      back pack     glove liners    head lamp      mittens    dressed for average conditions    Canada Goose expedition parka      gauntlets       dressed for windy conditions or long duration work    

I will be leaving the Pole mid November after I get my project equipment moved up to the new station and reassembled. 

NEXT MONTH: surfing in New Zealand 

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