Station Nord, Greenland

Station Nord, Greenland is at 81.43 North Latitude, 17.50 West Longitude and is above the Arctic Circle.  It is about 500 miles from the geographic North Pole. The Danish Defense Command has a base there and that is where we staged logistics from during the Spring of 1986. Thule as well as Nord Greenland were used as logistical staging points during that year, primarily because the Tri-Turbo was damaged in an oxygen fire in Santa Barbara a few months earlier. DeHaviland Twin Otters and a DeHaviland Caribou were used to take up the slack, but the payload and range capabilities were less than that of the Tri-Turbo. For this reason, Nord was used as an intermediate staging point since it was closer to the geographic North pole than Thule. Nord is manned by 4 Danish officers that stay for the year and accommodations are available for up to 20 scientists during the summer months.

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Nord, Greenland

Nord from the air

Danish Officer holding two pups