Thule, Greenland

Mt. Dundas Seen from the Tri-Turbo Shortly After Takeoff from Thule AFB En Route to the North Pole

Thule, Greenland is at 77 - 28 North Latitude,  69 - 12 West Longitude and is above the Arctic Circle.  It is about 760 miles from the geographic North Pole. The United States Air Force has a base there, the 21st Space Wing, Air Force Space Command, and that is where we staged all logistics from during the Spring of 1984 and 1985. During the Spring of 1986, Thule as well as Nord Greenland were used as logistical staging points to the High Arctic ice pack and the North Pole.

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L.A. Rams Cheerleaders greeting me after coming off the ice. They were performing a USO show at Thule AFB

thule emergency hut for white out conditions

local Inuit people from 'New Thule"

dog sledge warning sign


early warning DEW line Radar in the 1980's

Bjorn sking the glacier      sking the glacier, Thule AFB in the valley

glacial till and rubble

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